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Most Wood Floor Problems Are Due to Improper Installation...

It's true! And once your floors are nailed down, you're stuck with them. Fixing a mistake will cost you far more than doing it right the first time.
Don't make a costly mistake!
Problems like warping, cupping, crowning, squeaks, loose boards, etc. Do-it-yourselfers have these problems all the time!
If it’s happened to you, don’t worry! IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!
There’s a lot to know to do it right and every job is different.

One Call Can Save You Thousands…

One call to 845-567-1657 brings a wood flooring specialist to your door. They’re the experts in doing it right the first time! Your new wood floor is a BIG Investment.

Experience our “Extreme Customer Service”, which takes care of you after the sale. Every customer who purchases flooring through our showroom or has a job done by us, in the amount of $1000.00 or more, receives a FREE cleaning kit to help you take care of your investment. We believe proper maintenance is the secret to the longevity of the finish.

Through advancements in manufacturing of wood floors, today's hardwood floors are more durable and adaptable to many different living areas. Engineered wood floors allow homeowners to use hardwood flooring in areas of the home that they would never have considered in the past.

Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of wood species, colors and widths. Besides the classic North American hardwoods (like red oak, white oak, maple and ash), many manufacturers now offer exotic hardwood species from all over the world. Exotic hardwoods give homeowners the chance to better express their own personal decorating tastes with a more unique looking floor.

Today's Laminates Will Surprise You!

Having arrived from Europe over a decade ago, laminate flooring was inspired by countertop materials, only it's at least 20 times stronger. With a high-pressure laminate surface, it is virtually impossible for spills and scuffs to leave a mark, making it the perfect floor type for active families. The clear surface layer protects the pattern underneath and is highly resistant to cigarette burns and scratches from pets. Maintenance is quick and easy. The surface is hygienic and is excellent for people suffering from allergies.

Specially engineered with layered construction, laminate flooring can be installed almost anywhere in the home, including over dry concrete slabs, wooden subfloors and many types of existing floor coverings. The low profile makes laminate flooring particularly well suited for renovation and restoring old houses where floor thicknesses can be a problem.

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